The Summer Sale List has been posted with over 100 daylilies offered, and quite a few we have never offered for sale. Click on "Summer Sale List & Fall Clump Sale 2022" on the orange bar at the top of this page to find the list. All the details about shipping, etc. are there too. These are the only daylilies we want to sell this year.

One big change that began in 2020 and will continue for future years is NO SPRING SHIPPING. Shipping and in-the-garden sales will begin late August and go into October. We appreciate all the business and positive feedback we have received since beginning to sell about ten years ago. Daylily folks are the best!

To see the daylilies and information, click on PLANTS on the orange bar at the top of the page and then ALL PLANTS. Be sure to click on the daylily picture or name to see multiple garden pictures for many of the daylilies. At this time, all daylilies are DISPLAY ONLY. To locate a specific daylily quickly, use the SEARCH box at the top of the page.

We will once again participate in the American Daylily Society Voucher Program in 2022.

Shady Rest Gardens is an American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden since 2009 on 3.5 acres north of Cartersville, Georgia (Bartow County). It is located in Northwest Georgia about 50 miles northwest of Atlanta and only about 2 miles west of Interstate 75. We grow about 1400 registered daylily cultivars and hundreds of our seedlings along with a wide variety of other perennials, annuals, shrubs, and trees for color and diversity. Our peak daylily bloom is usually mid June, but we have many blooms into early July and even later. Many of our daylilies are grown in raised beds that contain pine bark fines and composted horse manure. We fertilize with a fertilizer with a 3:1:2 ratio, Milorganite, alfalfa pellets, and Epsom salt. We had a well put in 10 years ago solely for the purpose of watering our daylilies. Daylilies DO love water! We are fortunate to live in a part of the country where we can grow most evergreens, semi evergreens, and dormants.

We are a licensed and inspected garden by the State of Georgia. We have a spray program for insects and rust. We do receive new daylilies each spring from rust prone areas. Invariably, we then find some rust on a few of these new daylilies. We immediately trim the foliage to just above the crown and treat the affected daylilies and those growing around the affected plants. This procedure has been successful for us along with our spray program to keep rust from spreading in the garden. We will not ship daylilies with visible rust. We do not like to receive daylilies with rust and will never knowingly ship any with rust to a customer. Our winters are cold enough that rust does not overwinter here. If rust is an issue for you, please do not order. At this time we do not ship to California or outside the continental United States.

Our garden was on the 2015 National Convention tour in the Atlanta, GA area. We thank all who attended the National and our garden. So many were very complimentary of our garden. We appreciate your kind words. In preparation for the 2015 National, we moved all of our Ned Roberts' introductions to one area. We now have over 100 of his introductions which have clumped nicely and will need dividing in the near future. We relocated our Wizard Of Oz bed several years ago, and those daylilies have gone crazy. We will be adding additional Oz daylilies as well as more Oz memorabilia. Tim Herrington's MAYOR OF MUNCHKINLAND stole the show during the National!

We started downsizing several years ago and have decreased our daylily numbers by over one thousand daylilies. Now we mostly only add daylilies that we will use for hybridizing. We plan to continue to downsize but at a slower pace.

We try to check our email daily and respond ASAP. During the busy spring and summer seasons, we may miss a day checking. The best time to reach us by phone is before 8:30 a.m. and after 8:30 p.m. during the spring and summer months. We spend as much time as possible working in the garden during these busy months.

Shipping will resume August 22, 2022 for northern gardens first and conclude mid October to southernmost gardens.

David has made a few YouTube video tours of the garden that may be viewed from this link:


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