NOTE: All daylilies will be double fans/two fans or better, be blooming size, and be true to name. A bonus of our discretion will be included in each order which may be another daylily or may be additional fans. Miniature daylilies often make small fans. I have tried to note those daylilies that make smaller fans, so you will not be disappointed. Some daylilies are very limited, whereas some will be coming from large clumps that we have grown for years. These clumps will be divided at time of shipping.

Shipping for the northernmost states will begin August 17, and southern states will follow in September and into October. Please let me know when you place your order what your preferred shipping date is and your shipping address. We will try to meet your preferred time. You may combine SUMMER SALE daylilies with other daylilies from the website and be shipped together. Shipping for the first daylily is $10 with $1.50 for each additional daylily. Georgia residents should include 7% for Georgia sales tax. You may place your order by sending an email (preferred) to or by calling 770-386-0438. We have an answering machine; and should we not be inside to take your call, please leave your name and phone number so I may return your call. We accept personal checks and money orders made payable to SHADY REST GARDENS and PayPal payments to If you want me to figure your total, I will be glad to do that. When you place your order by email or phone, I will complete an order form so there is no need for you to send one to us. Please do not mail an order with payment without reserving your daylilies first. Please give me an email address or phone number, so I can contact you before digging and shipping your order. Pickup in the garden is available for anyone close enough to pick up, but I must know a few days in advance when you want to pick up.

Below is the list of Summer Sale 2019 daylilies (75 daylilies). The sale price is after the daylily name and (hybridizer). All will be double fans/two fans or better and sold on a first come, first serve basis. I will update the list as daylilies sell out. To find a picture and the information about a daylily, enter the daylily name or copy and paste the name in the SEARCH Box at the top center of this page and ENTER.

50,000 Watts (DeVito) $20 SOLD OUT
Ambiance (DeVito) $15 SOLD OUT
Barbara Mitchell (C. Pierce) $6
Battle Of Jericho (Emmerich) $10 SOLD OUT
Beach Beacon (Albers) $10 (Price is for three fans, makes small fans.) SOLD OUT
Big Cane (J. Jaques) $15 SOLD OUT
Black Plush (Connell) $6 SOLD OUT
Bluebird Butterfly (Stamile) $12 SOLD OUT
Bradley Bernard (Reinke) $6
Bring It Black (DeVito) $15 SOLD OUT
Brocaded Gown (Millikan) $6 SOLD OUT
Butterfly Ripples (Gossard) $15 SOLD OUT
Candy Queen (E. Salter) $15 SOLD OUT
Cimarron Rose (Salter) $10 SOLD OUT
Cobalt Rings (Petit) $20 SOLD OUT
Deeper Meaning (Petit) $20 SOLD OUT
Delta Force (Gossard) $10 SOLD OUT
Diana’s Peaches And Cream (B. Waldrop) $15
Electric Kaleidoscope (P. Harry) $20 SOLD OUT
Element Of Life (DeVito) $15 SOLD OUT
Gizmo (Weston) $8 (Price is for three fans, makes small fans.)
Hotlanta (B. Waldrop) $25 SOLD OUT
Ima Bigtimer (DeVito) $20 SOLD OUT
Intelligent Design (Emmerich) $10 SOLD OUT
Jane’s Pink And Blue (J. Trimmer) $15 SOLD OUT
Julie Newmar (Morss) $10 SOLD OUT
Kansas Kitten (J. Carpenter) $8 SOLD OUT
Lapis Of Luxury (P. Harry) $12 SOLD OUT
Legacy of Life (Joiner) $10 SOLD OUT
Lillian’s Lying Eyes (F. Manning) $12
Magnetic Personality (Murphy) $8 SOLD OUT
Metallic Butterfly (Stamile) $8 SOLD OUT
Midnight Dynamite (J. Carpenter) $8 SOLD OUT
Mirror Mirror (Petit) $15 SOLD OUT
Mysterious Eyes (Stamile) $8
Never Ending Grace (T. Bell) $10 SOLD OUT
Nimrod (T. Bell) $10
Orchid Corsage (Saxton) $6 SOLD OUT
Outer Space (Maryott) $12 SOLD OUT
Pale Behemoth (Murphy) $15 SOLD OUT
Patterns In Time (Salter) $8 SOLD OUT
Pebble In A Pond (Petit) $15
Persian Ruby (Trimmer) $8
Poly Parrot (Morss) $15 SOLD OUT
Precious Candy (Stamile) $10
Purple Starfish (Gossard) $15
Rainbow Dragon (Gossard) $20 (makes smaller fans, will receive 3 fans) SOLD OUT
Rainbow Over Georgia (Perkerson) $8 SOLD OUT
Reach For The Sky (G. Brooker) $12 SOLD OUT
Regency Charade (E. Salter) $8 (makes small fans, will receive 3 fans) SOLD OUT
Reminds Me Of Fireworks (M. Grossman) $10
Rings Of Wonder (Stamile) $15 SOLD OUT
Rock My World (DeVito) $12 SOLD OUT
Ruffles Have Ripples (Petit) $12
Savannah Smooch (Joiner) $12 SOLD OUT
Simple Marks (E. Salter) $15
Sky Dragon (Gossard) $15
Smitten Again (DeCaire) $30 SOLD OUT
Smoke Shadows (Petit) $10 SOLD OUT
Spacecoast Color Scheme (Kinnebrew) $10 (makes small fans, 3 fans) SOLD OUT
Spacecoast Eye Of The Tiger (Kinnebrew) $25 SOLD OUT
Stack The Deck (Shooter) $8 SOLD OUT
Starman’s Quest (Burkey) $8 SOLD OUT
Static (Stamile) $12 SOLD OUT
Tal Of Gascone (Gaskins) $15 SOLD OUT
Time Wizard (Gossard) $12
Underneath The Ice (R. Norris) $12 SOLD OUT
Unique Purple (F. Childs) $6 (makes small fans, will receive 3 fans) SOLD OUT
Vintners Treasure (Grace-Smith) $12 SOLD OUT
Vivian Glass (J. Jaques) $15 SOLD OUT
Webster’s Golden Wonder (Webster-Cobb) $15 SOLD OUT
Wee Twinkle (R. Love) $8 (makes small fans, price is for 3 fans) SOLD OUT
West Coast Blues (E. Salter) $8 SOLD OUT
White Wizard (N. Harry/DeVito) $12 SOLD OUT

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