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In our continued efforts to downsize our daylily garden, we are offering more than 300 daylilies at reduced prices for fall shipping. All daylilies will be a minimum of two blooming size fans and often at least one or more extra fans. A bonus will be included which may be a different cultivar or extra fans but will be at our discretion. To see a picture of each daylily, type in (or copy & paste) the name of the daylily in the SEARCH box at the top of the page and then ENTER. Shipping will begin August 18 for the northernmost gardens and continue into October for the most southern gardens. We ship to all states in the continental US except California. We do not ship outside the US. Shipping is $10 for the first daylily and $1 for each additional one. We accept checks and money orders made payable to SHADY REST GARDENS and PayPal. Please pay within two weeks of placing your order. Daylilies will not be shipped until full payment is received. All daylilies for pickup must be claimed by late September, as none will be held over the winter. Some cultivars are very limited and will sell out fast. This list will be updated daily as daylilies sell out. To order daylilies, you may send an email (preferred) to or call 770-386-0438. Other website daylilies that are not on the sale list may be combined with your sale order. FYI, this sale list will also be posted on National Gardening Association's Classified Ads Forum, and some of the sale daylilies will be offered on Facebook's Daylilies & Seedling Page beginning July 20. Thank you for taking a look!

Doris and David Bishop
35 Northwoods Drive NW
Cartersville, GA

Adorable Perfection DF $10 SOLD OUT
Alien Starfish DF $25
All Revved Up DF $20
Almond Puff DF $5 SOLD OUT
Amazing Adam DF $25
Anchors Aweigh DF $8 SOLD OUT
Android DF $8 SOLD OUT
Angel Bay DF $20
Angel In Oz DF $20 Sold out
Angela Wilkins DF $15 Sold out
Apple Blossom White DF $15 SOLD OUT
Apple Swirl DF $8 Sold out
Apricot Angel DF $8 SOLD OUT
Artesian Spring DF $15
Artistic Style DF $8 Sold out
Atomic Glow DF $12 SOLD OUT
Autumn Concerto DF $10 SOLD OUT
Ava Gardner DF $12 SOLD OUT
Backseat Debutante DF $20 Sold out
Barb Wire DF $12 SOLD OUT
Before Night Falls DF $12 Sold out
Bewitching Eyes DF $12 SOLD OUT
Bibbity Bobbity Boo $10 SOLD OUT
Big Eyed Butterfly DF $12 SOLD OUT
Big Red Wagon DF $15
Bill Chapman DF $10
Black Fathom Depths DF $12 SOLD OUT
Blockbuster DF $12 SOLD OUT
Blonde Ambition DF $10 Sold out
Blue Eyes Crying DF $12 Sold out
Blue Haired Girl DF $10 SOLD OUT
Blue Mountains 5F clump $20 SOLD OUT
Blue Pearl DF $15
Blue Voodoo DF $12
Bluebird Butterfly DF $12
Blues Music DF $10
Bold Awakening 4F CLUMP $20 SOLD OUT
Born To Run DF $12 SOLD OUT
Bradley Bernard DF $8
Bright In The Night DF $15
Broadway Charmer DF $10 SOLD OUT
Broadway Nights DF $10 SOLD OUT
Broadway Pink Slippers DF $10 Sold out
Buddy's Pretty Laura DF $12 Sold out
Butterfly Charm TF $8
Butterfly Ripples DF $15 SOLD OUT
Camelot Red DF $12 SOLD OUT
Captain Noodles DF $30
Carolina Cool Down DF $20 SOLD OUT
Catch A Star DF $15 SOLD OUT
Celebration Of Angels DF $8 SOLD OUT
Changing Seasons DF $12
Chaotic Symmetry DF $10 Sold out
Christmas Is DF $8 SOLD OUT
Christopher Moody DF $12 Sold out
Cloak Of Darkness 4F clump $25 SOLD OUT
Cluster Muster DF $8 SOLD OUT
Cool Blue TF $12 (makes small fans)
Corduroy Eyes DF $12 Sold out
Cosmic Odyssey TF $12 (recommend zone 7 or higher) SOLD OUT
Cosmic Traveler DF $10
Cranberry Baby DF $8
Cranberry Delicious DF $20 Sold out
Crazy Ivan DF $12
Cream Sorbet DF $12 SOLD OUT
Crimson Ninja DF $12 Sold out
Crimson Pirate TF $5
Cutie Pie TF $8
Dan's Garden Party DF $25
Dancing Elf TF $15 Sold out
Dancing On Daddy's Feet DF $15 Sold out
Daringly Different DF $12 SOLD OUT
Daughter Of Destiny 4F clump $10 SOLD OUT
Designer Drama DF $15 SOLD OUT
Dotted Petals DF $8
Double Canary DF $5 Sold out
Double Dinette DF $5 Sold out
Double Screamer DF $12 SOLD OUT
Double My Sunshine 4F clump $15 SOLD OUT
Dragon King DF $5 SOLD OUT
Dragon Seeker TF $15 (makes small fans & narrow foliage)
Dreaming Out Loud DF $15
Dublin Elaine DF $5 SOLD OUT
Early Shirley DF $15 SOLD OUT
Echo The Sun DF $10
Egyptian Ibis DF $5 Sold out
Electric Mist DF $8 SOLD OUT
Elfin Eyes TF $10 SOLD OUT
Evening Rapture DF $10
Exotic Echo DF $8 Sold Out
Exotic Rings DF $8 Sold out
Fairy Faith DF $8
Fancy Needlework DF $15 SOLD OUT
Fantastic Fringe 4F clump $25 SOLD OUT
Flutter Of Angels DF $10 SOLD OUT
Forestlake Ragamuffin DF $10
Fox Hunter DF $8 Sold out
Fox Grape TF $8 Sold out
Fractal DF $8 Sold out
Francois Verhaert DF $10 SOLD OUT
Frank's Cotton Candy DF $15 SOLD OUT
Frank's Fire Opal DF $10 SOLD OUT
Free The Night DF $15
Gilded Butterfly DF $12 SOLD OUT
Grand Masque DF $10 SOLD OUT
Griselda DF $20 SOLD OUT
Handsome Devil DF $10 Sold out
Handsome Ross Carter DF $8 SOLD OUT
Handwriting On The Wall DF $15 SOLD OUT
Heartbreaker Alex DF $20
Heavenly Blast To The Past TF $12 SOLD OUT
Heavenly Pink Twister DF $15 Sold out
Heavenly Spider Monkey DF $15 Sold out
Heavenly Tiger Tails DF $12 Sold out
Heavy Metal DF $8
High Water Mark DF $20 SOLD OUT
Highland Lord DF $8 SOLD OUT
Hobbit DF $8
Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream DF $12 SOLD OUT
Hot And Hip TF $12
Ice Cream Emperor DF $15 SOLD OUT
Irish Crown DF $20 SOLD OUT
Ivory Lace 4F clump $25 SOLD OUT
Janet And Bill DF $15 SOLD OUT
Jennifer Trimmer DF $12 SOLD OUT
Jo Barbre DF $8
Katisue TF $8 SOLD OUT
Kennesaw Mountain Mocha Latte DF $12
King Kahuna DF $10 SOLD OUT
Kirsten's Corsage DF $10 Sold out
Lace Snowballs DF $20 SOLD OUT
Lady Neva DF $8 SOLD OUT
Ledgewood's Born Free DF $10 SOLD OUT
Legacy Of Life DF $12 SOLD OUT
LeGro Royal Stole DF $12
Leprechaun Eyes DF $8
Lexington Avenue DF $5 SOLD OUT
Light Me Up DF $15 SOLD OUT
Like A Dream TF $20
Lillian's Banging Mangos DF $10 Sold out
Lily Munster DF $10
Linda Bell DF $20
Line Dancer DF $10
Little Dreamer TF $10 SOLD OUT
Little Fred DF $10 SOLD OUT
Little Giggles DF $15 SOLD OUT
Little Lila DF $5 SOLD OUT
Little Missy DF $8
Little Rainbow DF $8
Lotus Position 5F clump $25 SOLD OUT
Love Struck DF $12 SOLD OUT
Lovely And Amazing DF $20 SOLD OUT
Lullaby Baby DF $8 SOLD OUT
Lycean DF $12 SOLD OUT
Magic Carpet Ride DF $8
Magical Merriment DF $10
Magical Mystery Show 5F clump $12 SOLD OUT
Majorca Isle DF $20 SOLD OUT
Malaysian Marketplace DF $15
Marietta Heartbeat DF $12 SOLD OUT
Masked Marauder DF $15 SOLD OUT
Mazatlan DF $20 SOLD OUT
Meet Me In Oz DF $15 SOLD OUT
Megillah DF $12 SOLD OUT
Memories Of Oz DF $15 SOLD OUT
Metallic Butterfly DF $8
Metropolitan Flair 4F clump $25 SOLD OUT
Michael Miller DF $10 SOLD OUT
Micro Dots DF $10 SOLD OUT
Midnight In Oz DF $15 SOLD OUT
Midnight Raider DF $5 SOLD OUT
Mind Over Matter DF $15 SOLD OUT
Mineral Springs DF $12
Mississippi Matchmaker DF $12 SOLD OUT
Mississippi Music Man DF $15 SOLD OUT
Mississippi Red Bed Beauty DF $8 SOLD OUT
Mister Mayor DF $30 SOLD OUT
Montana Miss DF $10 SOLD OUT
Montez Fausett DF $8 SOLD OUT
Moonlit Masquerade DF $8 SOLD OUT
Morning Colors DF $8 Sold out
Moses' Fire DF $10
Narrow Path TF $12 (makes small fans & narrow foliage) SOLD OUT
Never Ending Grace DF $12
New Adventure DF $8 SOLD OUT
New Paradigm DF $15 SOLD OUT
Night Beacon DF $10 SOLD OUT
No Boys Allowed TF $15 SOLD OUT
No Strings Attached TF $12(makes small fans & narrow foliage)
Noreita TF $15
Norwegian Fantasy DF $15 SOLD OUT
Off To See The Wizard DF $15 SOLD OUT
Omaha Sunshine DF $8
Once In A Blue Moon TF $15
Open Your Heart TF $25 (recommend zone 7 or warmer)
Oz's Scarecrow DF $15 SOLD OUT
Ozark Garden Gem DF 4F clump $15 (makes small fans) SOLD OUT
Painted Bunting DF $12 Sold out
Palace Garden Beauty DF $8 SOLD OUT
Parrots Of The Caribbean DF $20 SOLD OUT
Papa Slow-poke DF $10 Sold out
Part-Time Princess DF $20 SOLD OUT
Patchwork Puzzle TF $10 SOLD OUT
Patterns In Time DF $8
Persian Ruby DF $8
Petal Pusher DF $10 SOLD OUT
Picotee Prism DF $25 SOLD OUT
Poly Parrot DF $12
Prediction DF $8
Prince Of Midnight DF $8 SOLD OUT
President Ronald Reagan 4F clump $25 SOLD OUT
Princess Stephanie DF $30 Sold out
Pumpkin Park DF $12 SOLD OUT
Quiet Dreams TF $15 SOLD OUT
Radiation Biohazard DF $8 SOLD OUT
Rainbow Over Georgia DF $8
Red Bull DF $30
Red Chile Rendezvous DF $10 SOLD OUT
Red Suspenders DF $10
Reflections In Time 4F clump $10 SOLD OUT
Refuge Point DF $12 SOLD OUT
Remembering Grace DF $15
Rhubarb Pie 4F clump $12 SOLD OUT
Rock My World DF $15
Rocket Booster DF $8 SOLD OUT
Rodelinda DF $8
Roseate Stained Glass 4F clump $20 SOLD OUT
Rosy Returns DF $8 SOLD OUT
Royal Gilded Majesty DF $12 SOLD OUT
Ruby Slippers Of Oz 4F clump $25 SOLD OUT
Ruby Storm DF $15 SOLD OUT
Ruckus DF $12
Ruffles Have Ripples DF $15
Rumba Numba DF $30 SOLD OUT
Santa's Little Helper DF $8 SOLD OUT
Savannah Debutante DF $8 SOLD OUT
Savannah Skipper Doodle DF $12
Savannah Smooch DF $12
Scarlet Orbit DF $5
Scarlet Pimpernel DF $12 Sold out
Screensaver Truffle DF $10 SOLD OUT
Seashells And Lace DF $15 SOLD OUT
Secret Agent DF $12 SOLD OUT
See Me-Feel Me-Touch Me DF $15
Seneca Harvest Moon DF $10 SOLD OUT
Sergeant Major TF $12 SOLD OUT
Shaka Zulu DF $8
Siloam Ethel Smith TF $8 SOLD OUT
Siloam Jerome Pillow TF $7 SOLD OUT
Siloam June Bug TF $7 SOLD OUT
Siloam New Toy TF $7
Siloam Red Toy TF $7
Siloam Tiny Mite TF $7 SOLD OUT
Siloam Tiny Tim TF $8 SOLD OUT
Simply Leaves Me Breathless DF $15 SOLD OUT
Sir Blackstem TF $10 SOLD OUT
Small World TNT $20 SOLD OUT
Smoke Shadows DF $12
Smoky Eyes DF $12 SOLD OUT
Snow On The Mountain DF $20 SOLD OUT
Spacecoast Eye For Passion DF $10
Spacecoast White Out DF $8 SOLD OUT
Splendida DF $12 SOLD OUT
Square Dancer's Curtsy DF $10 Sold out
Star Over Oz DF $15 SOLD OUT
Static DF $10
Stolen Treasure DF $10 SOLD OUT
Storm At Sea 4F clump $25
Storm Warning DF $8
Strikingly Dramatic DF $12 SOLD OUT
Strung Out DF $8 SOLD OUT
Substance Of Fire DF $12 SOLD OUT
Sweet Child Of Mine DF $12
Tammy Faye Eyes TF $15 (makes small fans & narrow foliage)
Texas Heat Wave DF $10 SOLD OUT
Texas Sunlight TF $10
TET. Connie Burton DF $12 (Tet. conversion) SOLD OUT
TET. Crystal Blue Persuasion DF $25 (Tet. conversion)
TET. Mystic Mariner DF $20 (Tet. conversion)
TET. Trahlyta DF $12 (Tet. conversion) SOLD OUT
TET. Tuscawilla Snowdrift DF $15 (Tet. conversion) SOLD OUT
The Colorado Kid DF $15 SOLD OUT
The Heathen Rage DF $15 SOLD OUT
Thomas Tew DF $15
Three Angry Birds DF $15 SOLD OUT
Through The Looking Glass DF $8
Tibetan Orange DF $15 SOLD OUT
Tradition With A Twist DF $15
Tropical Depression DF $8
Tupac Amaru DF $8
Two To Tango DF $10 SOLD OUT
Unique Style TF $8 SOLD OUT
Valdosta Again TF $12 SOLD OUT
Virgil's Suspenders DF $12 SOLD OUT
Viva Pinata DF $20 SOLD OUT
Water Drops DF $12 (recommend zone 6 or warmer) SOLD OUT
Web Browser DF $8 SOLD OUT
What's Up Down South DF $25 SOLD OUT
Wheel Of Time DF $12 SOLD OUT
White Wizard DF $12
Wigglesworth DF $12 SOLD OUT
Wilson Spider DF $8 SOLD OUT
Yuletide Magic DF $15
Zoe Allegra DF $12 SOLD OUT

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