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In our continued efforts to downsize, we are again offering over 100 daylily cultivars for fall shipping. Click on the link after each daylily to see pictures and cultivar information. Fall shipping will begin the last week of August starting with the northernmost gardens and will continue into October for the southernmost gardens. We ship to all states in the continental U.S. except California. We do not ship outside the U.S. Shipping (UPS) is $12 for the first daylily and $1.50 for each additional one. GA sales tax will be added for GA residents. We accept checks and money orders made payable to SHADY REST GARDENS and PayPal payments to Please pay within two weeks of placing your order. Some cultivars are very limited, and others have multiple double fans. Some will be coming from clumps which will be divided at the time of shipping. This list will be updated daily as daylilies are SOLD OUT. Please email your list of choices to Please do not make payment until I verify that all on your list are available. I will try to do that the same day that you place your order. Orders may be mailed with payment, but please email or call to verify all are available first. Daylilies will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Daylilies on our website that are not on this sale list may be combined and shipped together. Thanks for taking a look! List last updated 9/19/2020 7:33 PM EST

Doris and David Bishop
35 Northwoods Drive NW
Cartersville, GA 30121
AHS Display Garden Since 2009

Amazing Adam (Davisson, 2009) SOLD OUT
Ambiance (DeVito, 2014) SOLD OUT
Bacon Baby (M.Herrington,1982) SOLD OUT
Barbara Mitchell (C. Pierce, 1984) SOLD OUT
Blue Fandango (P. Harry, 2015) SOLD OUT
Blue Moon Rising (E. Salter, 1991) SOLD OUT
Blue State Blues (P. Harry, 2016) SOLD OUT
Bonibrae The Freak (Matthie, 2011) SOLD OUT
Bradley Bernard (Reinke, 1996) SOLD OUT
Bright In The Night (DeVito, 2011) SOLD OUT
Broadway Pink Slippers (G. Stamile, 1995) SOLD OUT
Butterfly Shores (G. Pierce, 2013) SOLD OUT
Captain Blue (Trimmer, 2005) SOLD OUT
Captain Noodles (J. Davisson, 2013) SOLD OUT
Celestial Butterfly (P. Harry, 2016) SOLD OUT
Cherry Cordial Cupcakes (McCutcheon) SOLD OUT
Chesapeake Crablegs (M. Reed) SOLD OUT
Chick Flick (H. Douglas, 2011) SOLD OUT
Cool Blue (Petit, 2008) SOLD OUT
Complicated Blues (P. Harry, 2013) SOLD OUT
Copperhead (Taylor, 1972) SOLD OUT
Coral Crab (G. Douglas, 1954) SOLD OUT
Decidely Happy (H. Douglas, 2011) SOLD OUT
Don't Mess With Me (Carpenter, 2004) SOLD OUT
Double Blue Blood (George, 2005) SOLD OUT
Double Donnie (Carpenter, 2000) SOLD OUT
Dr Doom (Gossard, 2013) SOLD OUT
Dragon Tears (M. Mayes, 2010) SOLD OUT
Dragons Eye (E. Salter, 1991) SOLD OUT
Dragon's Orb (E. Salter, 1986) SOLD OUT
Eloquently Edged (Carpenter, 2004) SOLD OUT
Eric Junior (Kraus, 1949) SOLD OUT
Forensic Evidence (Clement, 2004) SOLD OUT
Forever Redeemed (Carpenter, 2003) SOLD OUT
Francois Verhaert (Stamile, 2001) SOLD OUT
Free The Night (DeVito, 2012) SOLD OUT
Gadsden Firefly (Reinke, 2004) SOLD OUT
Galaxy Explosion (Burris, 2003) SOLD OUT
Gnashing Of Teeth (Emmerich, 2010) SOLD OUT
Green Eyes Wink (Nolen, 1982) SOLD OUT
Halloween Masquerade (Payne, 2003) SOLD OUT
Hap Sandy Ellis (Ellis/Nichols, 2000) SOLD OUT
Happy Apache (D. Hanson, 2000) SOLD OUT
Happy Holidays To You (Holms, 2008) SOLD OUT
Helicopter (Huben, 2013) SOLD OUT
High Sea Sprite (Mock, 2012) SOLD OUT
Hot And Hip (E. Salter, 2012) SOLD OUT
Jane's Pink And Blue (J. Trimmer, 2014) SOLD OUT
Jo Barbre (Holman, 1974) SOLD OUT
Kirsten's Corsage (Burkey, 1996) SOLD OUT
Lillian's Funky Spunky (Manning, 2003) SOLD OUT
Lillian's Woman's Touch (Manning, 2002) SOLD OUT
Lilting Lavender (Childs, 1973) SOLD OUT
Lindy Twirl (Warrell, 2003) SOLD OUT
Little Anna Rosa (Williamson, 1984) SOLD OUT
Little Bighorn (Kuster, 2002) SOLD OUT
Little Bobo (Williamson, 1984) SOLD OUT
Little Boy Bob (Warrell, 2002) SOLD OUT
Little Fred (Maxwell, 1977) SOLD OUT
Little Lighthouse (Warrell, 2001) SOLD OUT
Little Pat (Russell, 1959) SOLD OUT
Luna de Xelaju (P. Harry, 2013) SOLD OUT
MacKenzie's Rainbow (Trimmer, 2013) SOLD OUT
Majestic Thunder (S. Holley, 2012) SOLD OUT
Meet Me In Oz (K. Herrington, 2010) SOLD OUT
Mike Longo (Kinnebrew, 2004) SOLD OUT
Minnie Wildfire (B. Reinke, 2001) SOLD OUT
Mirror Mirror (Petit, 2007) SOLD OUT
Miss Demeanor (J. Davisson, 2011) SOLD OUT
Mixed Berry Jam (E. Salter, 2009) SOLD OUT
Moses' Fire (Joiner, 1998) SOLD OUT
Mysterious Eyes (Stamile, 2003) SOLD OUT
Natural Ability (Petit/Goff, 2014) SOLD OUT
Navajo Princess (Hansen, 1992) SOLD OUT
New Design (Gossard, 2015) SOLD OUT
Nimrod (T. Bell, 2011) SOLD OUT
No Boys Allowed (J. Davisson, 2006) SOLD OUT
No Fear (D. Hansen) SOLD OUT
Open Hearth (Lambert, 1976) SOLD OUT
Oriental Impressions (J. Salter, 2013) SOLD OUT
Oz's Cowardly Lion (K. Herrington, 2009) SOLD OUT
Papa Slow-poke (R. Preuss, 2005) SOLD OUT
Patterns In Time (J. Salter, 2005) SOLD OUT
Peach Cupcake (T. Herrington, 2000) SOLD OUT
Pearl Adams (Adams, 1998) SOLD OUT
Pebble In A Pond (Petit, 2010) SOLD OUT
Pistachio Eyes (Stamile, 2008) SOLD OUT
Precious Candy (Stamile, 2006) SOLD OUT
Priscilla's Rainbow (Spalding-Guillory, 1985) SOLD OUT
Punk (Apps, 1984) SOLD OUT
Purple Satellite (Mahieu, 2003) SOLD OUT
Purple Starfish (Gossard, 2011) SOLD OUT
Rainbow In Motion (T. George, 2008) SOLD OUT
Rainbow Radiance (Bomar, 1995) SOLD OUT
Road Warrior (Gossard, 2013) SOLD OUT
Round Midnight (Mercer, 1992) SOLD OUT
Ruby Slippers Of Oz (T. Herrington, 2011) SOLD OUT
Ruby Spider (Stamile, 1991) SOLD OUT
Ruckus (J. Rice, 2007) SOLD OUT
Ruffles Have Ripples (Petit, 2012) SOLD OUT
Savannah Skipper Doodle (E. Joiner, 2007) SOLD OUT
Sky Dragon (Gossard, 2009) SOLD OUT
Smiley Kylie (S. Elliott, 2015) SOLD OUT
Storm Warning (Flory, 1983) SOLD OUT
Stupid Cupid (Bachman, 2010) SOLD OUT
Sunset (Perry, 1931) SOLD OUT
Sweet Little Ramona (Boissonneault, 2007) SOLD OUT
.Tal Of Gascone (Gaskins, 2009) SOLD OUT
Teenie Girl (B. Reinke, 2004) SOLD OUT
Tet. Crystal Blue Persuasion (E. Salter, 1996) SOLD OUT
Third Witch (M. Reed, 2003) SOLD OUT
Thomas Tew (Stamile, 2008) SOLD OUT
Time Wizard (Gossard, 2008) SOLD OUT
Two To Tango (G. Stamile, 1996) SOLD OUT
Ultimate Eyes (Lambertson, 1996) SOLD OUT
Unidentified Flying Object (M. Reed, 1997) SOLD OUT
Unique Purple (F. Childs, 1979) SOLD OUT
Velvet Shadows (Hudson, 1981) SOLD OUT
Waves Of Joy (Trimmer, 2012) SOLD OUT
Wee Twinkle (R. Love, 1993) SOLD OUT
Written On The Wind (Petit, 2006) SOLD OUT

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