Summer Sale List & Fall Clump Sale 2021

In our continued efforts to downsize our Shady Rest Gardens, an AHS Display Garden in Zone 7 Northwest Georgia, we are once again offering more than 130 daylilies in our 2021 Summer Sale. We are a state licensed and inspected garden. All daylilies will be a minimum of two blooming size fans. Extra fans will be included when available and may be the bonus. Pictures and information about each cultivar can be found by clicking on the link included with each daylily name. Shipping will begin August 23 to the northernmost gardens and will continue to southernmost gardens into October. We ship to all states in the continental U.S. except California. We do not ship outside the U.S. We are offering two shipping options this year: USPS ($12 for the first daylily and $1.50 for each additional one) and USP ($16 for the first daylily and $1.50 for each additional one). USPS is still struggling this year. We started using USP after Labor Day in 2020 and were very pleased, but their rates have increased in 2021. If you do not want to risk a lengthy delivery and prefer to receive your daylilies in two to three days, UPS is the better option. When you place your order, please specify which shipping option you prefer. If you are local, pickup in the garden is your best option. We accept checks and money orders made payable to SHADY REST GARDENS and PayPal payments to 7% GA Sales Tax will be added to orders of Georgia residents. Please pay within two weeks of placing your order, unless other arrangements are made in advance. This list will be updated daily as daylilies are SOLD OUT. Please do not send your payment until I have verified that all requested daylilies are available. Please feel free to email or call our landline (770-386-0438) with questions.

How do you place an order? I prefer that you email your list of daylilies, shipping address, and preferred shipping time and shipping option (USPS or UPS) to I check email daily and should reply to your email within 24 hours. I will complete an order form for you. You may also call us at 770-386-0438 (landline). We may not be inside to take your call, but we do have an answering machine and will return your call. Please leave your name and phone number in your voice message.

After the Summer Sale List you will find a list of over 100 large daylily clumps for sale. The cost of each clump is $50.00. Each clump contains numerous double fans and is an ideal opportunity for anyone who will re-sell these daylilies. There is only one clump per variety. The list will be updated as the clumps sell out. THERE WILL BE NO SHIPPING OF THESE CLUMPS. CLUMPS MUST BE PICKED UP FROM THE GARDEN AND WILL BE FRESHLY DUG. PAYMENT SHOULD BE IN CASH ONLY.


Adventures in Oz $20 1 DF

Artistic Style $8 0 DF SOLD OUT

Baby Jessie $10 1 DF

Baby Kong $20 1 TF

Berries With Lime $8 0 TF SOLD OUT

Biker Babe $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Blue Crystal $15 0 TF SOLD OUT

Bonibrae The Freak $20 0 DF SOLD OUT

Bonnie Corley $8 0 DF SOLD OUT

Calico Blue Baby $12 0 DF SOLD OUT

Carolina Cool Down $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Carpathian Cavalier $8 0 DF SOLD OUT

Carved Complexity $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Charmed I'm Sure $12 1 DF

Cherry Cordial Cupcakes $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Child of Fortune $8 0 TF SOLD OUT

Citronella Starfish $20 0 TF SOLD OUT

Coral Crab $8 1 TF

Cosmic Traveler $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Crazy Ivan $12 0 DF SOLD OUT

Depends on the Whether $20 3 DF

Diversity $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Double Donnie $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Double Doodah $8 6 DF

Double Figures $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Dr Doom $20 1 DF

Dragons Eye $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Dragon's Orb $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Echo the Sun $10 0 TF SOLD OUT

Edith Marie $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Eloquently Edged $12 0 DF SOLD OUT

Eric Junior $8 0-4F clumps SOLD OUT

Eye of Newt $10 1 TF

Fabulous Black Pearl $12 0 DF SOLD OUT

Forensic Evidence $10 0 TF SOLD OUT

Gadsden Firefly $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Gizmo $10 0 TF SOLD OUT

Grape Cupcake $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Grape Jellybean $12 1 TF

Green Eyes Wink $8 0 DF SOLD OUT

Green Throated Robin $15 0 TF SOLD OUT

Hap Sandy Ellis $12 0 DF SOLD OUT

Home Run King $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

I Suppose $20 0 TF SOLD OUT

Interview With a Vampire $35 0-5F Clump SOLD OUT

It Came From Outer Space $10 1 DF

It's a Zinger $12 1 DF

Jammin's Ex's and Oh's $25 0 DF SOLD OUT

Jammin's Tipsy Gypsy $25 2 DF

Jinxy $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Kaleidoscope Dreamsicle $20 0 DF SOLD OUT

Lady Duck $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Lady Neva $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Lillian's Lying Eyes $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Lily Munster $12 2 DF

Linda Bell $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Lindy Twirl $12 0 DF SOLD OUT

Little Blue Eyed Jewel $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Little Lemon Twist $12 0 DF SOLD OUT

Little Lighthouse $15 0-5F Clump SOLD OUT

Little Pat $8 0 TF SOLD OUT

Little Red Spring Song $8 0 TF SOLD OUT

London Tower $12 0 DF SOLD OUT

Lucifer's Revenge $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Magenta Glory $20 0-4F Clump SOLD OUT

Meet Me in Oz $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Michael Miller $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Micro Chip $10 0 TF SOLD OUT

Micro Wave $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Midnight in Oz $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Mineral Springs $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Mini Minx $10 2 TF

Moses' Fire $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Mystic Mariner $12 1 DF

Neon Flamingo $25 1 TF

Night Beacon $8 4 DF

Night Dreams $10 0-4F Clump SOLD OUT

Nikki Schmith $20 1 DF

Now That's Orange $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Nutmeg Elf $8 5 TF

Ocean Spirit $20 0 DF SOLD OUT

Off To See The Wizard $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Oz's Cowardly Lion $15 4 DF

Papa Slow-Poke $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Peach Cupcake $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Planet Max $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Prairie Tornado $15 0-5F Clump SOLD OUT

Precious Candy $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Rainbow Factory $15 2 DF

Rainbow Radiance $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Raspberry Pixie $8 0 TF SOLD OUT

Road Warrior $12 0 DF SOLD OUT

Rococo $8 10 TF

Rossencilvia $25 0 DF SOLD OUT

Ruby Slippers of Oz $15 3 DF

Ryan's Fireworks Fantasy $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Scott Perry $15 0 TF SOLD OUT

Scouts Honor $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Screen Pattern $12 0 DF SOLD OUT

Sea Panther $15 1 DF

Shining Angel $20 1 DF

Siloam Ethel Smith $8 0 TF SOLD OUT

Simple Marks $15 0 TF SOLD OUT

Small World Rock Candy $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Sparks Pinch of Peach $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Spotted Fever $10 5 DF

Star Over Oz $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Starman's Quest $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Storm at Sea $15 1 DF

Stupid Cupid $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Substantial Substance $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Sultry Spanish Eyes $12 0 DF SOLD OUT

Sunflower Blues $25 0 DF SOLD OUT

Sunshine Elf $8 2 TF

Sweet Little Ramona $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Sweet Summer Loving $25 1 DF

Sybil's Blues $10 2 DF

Tidewater Shining Sea $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

Tidewater Thunderstorm $15 0 TF SOLD OUT

Tiny Grit $8 0 TF SOLD OUT

Tommystar $20 0 DF SOLD OUT

Topguns Lola Scott $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Toss Of The Dice $8 0 DF SOLD OUT

Trahlyta $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Triette $8 2 DF

Two to Tango $10 0 TF SOLD OUT

Unique Purple $8 1 DF

Velvet Eyes $12 0 DF SOLD OUT

Walking Hand in Hand $12 0 DF SOLD OUT

Web of Intrigue $10 0 TF SOLD OUT

Winter Rainbow $12 0 DF SOLD OUT

Written on the Wind $20 0-5F Clump SOLD OUT

Zuni Eye $10 0 DF SOLD OUT

Janice Brown $10 4DF

Little Ballerina $8 5 DF

Lillian's Cunning Lies $35 1 DF

Ruby Lipstick DF $15 0 DF SOLD OUT

                            **CLUMP SALE LIST**

The cost of each clump is $50.00. Each clump contains numerous double fans and is an ideal opportunity for anyone who will re-sell these daylilies. There is only one clump per variety. To view pictures of these daylilies, type in the name of the daylily in the SEARCH box at the top of this page and then enter or copy and paste the daylily name there and then enter. The list will be updated as the clumps sell out. THERE WILL BE NO SHIPPING OF THESE CLUMPS. CLUMPS MUST BE PICKED UP FROM THE GARDEN AND WILL BE FRESHLY DUG. PAYMENT IN CASH ONLY.

Coral Taco
Cricket Call
Storm Shelter
Tides Roll In SOLD
Barbie’s Favorite
Victorian Lace
Curious Cutie
Fifth Order
Born In California SOLD
Rooty Tooty SOLD
Mango Nectar
Heaven’s Declaring
Fantasy Beckons SOLD
Rocket Booster
Augie’s Unique Beauty SOLD
Nicole’s Heat Seeker SOLD
Tet. Malachite Prism
X Ray
Italian Eggplant SOLD
Lillian’s Alabama Lightning SOLD
Self Employed
Stolen Treasure
Siloam Double Classic
Handsome Ross Carter
Mage’s Memories SOLD
Substantial Evidence SOLD
Red Icicles
Blue Waves
Golden Hibiscus
Rocky’s Eye
Arms Reaching Out
Treva Gene
Selma Longlegs
Creature Of The Night
Made In Dixie
Peanut Butter Frenzy
Devil’s Footprint
George Jets On SOLD
Jason Salter
Just For Breakfast
Ruby Flashpoint SOLD
Dragonwood Bewitched
Dragonwood Fireworks
Dances With Ducks
Sense Of Wonder
Love To Joe Marohl SOLD
Rose Colored Rainbow SOLD
Beyond Ultra Violet SOLD
Ruby Storm SOLD
Goody Goody Gumdrop
Ron Bonner SOLD
Aztec Sun Mirror
Yuletide Magic
You Shine
Evening Majesty
Dark Moon Fair
Smile-n-Dales SOLD
Royal Cypher
Mountain Wildflower SOLD
Lacy All Over SOLD
Springfield Clan
Simply Karen
Shadow Games
Holiday Party SOLD
Her Majesty’s Mage
Doctor Magee SOLD
Dragonfly Dawn SOLD
Butterfly Shores SOLD
Coit Tower SOLD
Heavenly Blast To The Past
Reality Check
All American Chief SOLD
Baby Blues
Ima Justright
Citronella Starfish
Spiral Distraction SOLD
A Little Twisted
Gelid Fish
Elva White Grow
Twisted Whiskers
Backstreet Melody
Change Of Heart
Guided By Voices
Brookwood Pink Pinnacle
Brookwood Hiawatha SOLD
Siloam Stinnett’s Delight
Faye Leggett
Topaz Butter
Apricot Potpourri
Deltas Dream
Dragon Dreams
Mystic Vision
Sprinkled With Plum Sugar SOLD
Picnic Party
Patchwork Puzzle
Sea Siren
I’m Just Cute SOLD
Celtic Sunrise
Lone Star Hot Lips SOLD
Rim Shot
Small World Looney Tunes SOLD
Substantial Glow SOLD
Vorlon Oddity
Early Symphony
Temple Of Bacchus SOLD
Flamingos On Ice SOLD
Straight No Chaser
Jerry’s Girl
Sky Boy
Kathryn June Wood
A Little Crabby SOLD

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