SPRING Clump Sale 2022

SUMMER SALE LIST will be posted here around July 1.


The cost of each clump is $50.00. Each clump contains numerous double fans and is an ideal opportunity for anyone who will re-sell these daylilies. There is only one clump per variety. To view pictures of these daylilies, type in the name of the daylily in the SEARCH box at the top of this page and then enter or copy and paste the daylily name there and enter. There will be no bonus given for the clump sale. The list will be updated as clumps sell out. Clumps will be available for pick up beginning late April. THERE WILL BE NO SHIPPING OF THESE CLUMPS. CLUMPS MUST BE PICKED UP FROM THE GARDEN AND WILL BE FRESHLY DUG. PAYMENT IN CASH ONLY.

Coral Taco SOLD
Cricket Call
Storm Shelter SOLD
Victorian Lace
Brookwood Pink Pinnacle
Curious Cutie
Fifth Order SOLD
Mango Nectar
Noreita SOLD
Heaven’s Declaring SOLD
Rocket Booster SOLD
Tet. Malachite Prism SOLD
Self Employed SOLD
Stolen Treasure
Siloam Double Classic
Handsome Ross Carter
Red Icicles SOLD
Blue Waves SOLD
Golden Hibiscus
Rocky’s Eye SOLD OUT
Arms Reaching Out SOLD
Treva Gene SOLD
Selma Longlegs
Creature Of The Night
Made In Dixie
Peanut Butter Frenzy
Jason Salter
Just For Breakfast SOLD
Dragonwood Bewitched
Dragonwood Fireworks
Dances With Ducks
Sense Of Wonder
Goody Goody Gumdrop SOLD
Aztec Sun Mirror SOLD
Yuletide Magic SOLD
You Shine
Evening Majesty SOLD
Dark Moon Fair SOLD
Royal Cypher SOLD
Springfield Clan
Simply Karen SOLD
Shadow Games
Her Majesty’s Mage SOLD
Heavenly Blast To The Past
Reality Check SOLD
Baby Blues
Ima Justright
Citronella Starfish
A Little Twisted
Gelid Fish
Elva White Grow
Twisted Whiskers SOLD
Backstreet Melody SOLD
Change Of Heart SOLD
Guided By Voices
Siloam Stinnett’s Delight
Faye Leggett SOLD
Topaz Butter
Apricot Potpourri
Deltas Dream
Dragon Dreams
Mystic Vision
Picnic Party SOLD
Soothsayer SOLD
Patchwork Puzzle
Sea Siren
Celtic Sunrise
Rim Shot
Vorlon Oddity SOLD
Early Symphony SOLD
Straight No Chaser SOLD
Jerry’s Girl
Sky Boy SOLD

Added 2/21/22
Wizard's Eye
Alabama Sweet Tee SOLD
Planet Max
Suburban Nancy Gayle SOLD
Tin Man

ADDED 4/10/22
Oz's Cowardly Lion

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